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If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you should recognize that:

Knowing where to find the information you need quickly is the Holy Grail of Do-It-Yourself European vacation planning.

It’s not your fault that it is confusing to organize your own trip — there’s so much information — millions of websites, thousands of guidebooks and hundreds of helpful articles.

So together let’s simplify it for you now.


By knowing the “Start You on the Right Track Specifics” you’ll save days of planning and avoid a lot of stress — even if you enjoy researching your own vacation.


Because you belong to the 78% of people who plan their own vacation for one of four reasons:

I agree with you. And I’ve been doing my own planning for 40 years.


In fact, for 20 years, in 30 US cities, I’ve trained over 10,000 travel agents on “How to Plan European Vacations for Your Clients.”


That’s why I offer research and training only.

I do NOT sell travel arrangements.

Here are 3 “musts” most DIY travelers look for?

  1. You want an unforgettable, stress-free and fun vacation with your family and friends.
  2. You want to make the planning easy because you’ve so many other things to do to get ready for your trip.
  3. You want to be sure that you choose the “right” products, not what somebody wants to “sell” you.

Your 5 European Vacation Planning Tools do just that!

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Action Tip:
No need to read everything. Read only what pertains to you.

Tool 1 — The “Give-Google-A-Break” Time Saver

The research center offers you quick access to the critical information for 19 countries.

Thousands of direct links take you quickly to the most helpful information you want, saving you days looking for the facts.

Countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. Others to follow in 2019-2020.

Tool 2 — The “Pro & Con” Educational Tutorial

You want to be certain the products offer you exactly what you want before you book them. Some may turn out not to be right for you.

The “Pro & Con” Tutorial gives you the benefits and drawbacks. You must know both.

Tool 3 — The “Missed Opportunities” Reminder

Nobody knows everything, and with the millions of websites, it is hard to find things quickly.

Your missed opportunities are unique experiences that you may not be aware of. With this tool you’ll find them easily.

Tool 4 — The “Unpleasant (and expensive) Experiences” Solver

There are many ways to solve problems with a little advance planning.

The Tourist information pages in the “Give-Google-A-Break” Time Saver offers you direct links to Europe’s major sights.

Quickly see what opening days, times and entrance fees are. In Europe entrances can be quite expensive. Check it out and save a lot or at least know in advance what to budget for. (Warning: On ‘free’ days museums are very crowded. Decide first what you prefer.)

Action point:
Put your “must-see sights” and “must-do experiences” on your day-by-day planner FIRST.

Tool 5 — The “Useful Help from other Sources” Information

For each country you’ll find useful articles from reliable sources — the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Toronto Globe and Mail to name a few.

You’ll also receive direct links to educational articles from Rick Steves and other specialized websites. There are many...I selected the most helpful ones for you.

Plus you receive these additional benefits at no extra cost:

You receive your personal European Vacation Discount Pass.




Savings range from 10 to 30%, including automatic 10% discounts on guided tours from Athens and Madrid.

In addition, you receive similar savings in many other cities, such as Venice, Florence, Lisbon, Nice, etc. plus guided walking and biking trips all over Europe with your personal European Vacation Discount Pass.

For present discounts, visit Europe Vacation Discount Pass.

The discount pass is personalized with your name on it.

You receive the 9-page European Vacation checklist — so you don’t miss anything.




Critical tips and warnings on all travel services you need — rail, car rental, accommodations, sightseeing, discounts and much more. (The checklist is used at the European Travel Community Education classes that I conduct in the Boston area)

You remain the Europe travel specialist with your free “Europe Travel Insiders Club” membership.




Receive details on permanent and temporary savings; in addition to the savings with European Vacation Discount Pass, on individual travel, escorted tours, river and barge cruises, rail travel, car rentals and more from both North American and European operators.

Plus savings with your personal European Vacation Discount Pass for countries that are not part of the resource center yet.

We do the research. You book directly and receive the benefits.

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I know you have two questions...




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Why is there a small charge for getting the 5 tools?

The answer is simple...




The 5 tools are strictly for your research
They are not for selling travel products
In fact, you can’t book anything through me but...

With the “European Vacation Planning Tools” you can book anywhere you want — online, a travel agency, a wholesaler, a cruise company...or all four.

And to start you “Off on the Right Track” we’ll include a special bonus:

The 6 vital Time Savers to quickly plan your own vacation using the 5 European Vacation Planning Tools...

So you’ll be ready for your trip in time and...without stress.

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